AfterWar is a story told in photographs of the children of Cazuca, a red zone on the outskirts of Bogota. Currently, it harbours the highest number of people fleeing from the civil war. 
Unfortunately, Colombia has held a civil war during more than 55 years where hundreds of thousands of people have been killed. Besides, it is the second country with more internally displaced persons in the world (more than 6 million people). 

The families of these children have been displaced from their homes because of violence and extreme poverty. These children are part of the end result of the war leading them to live in high vulnerability levels, which in turn, creates a cycle of violence in a supposed ‘AfterWar’ that seems never to stop.

His faces show a large spectrum of emotions varying from sadness and anger to joy and soulfulness. These children are lessons of resilience and are example to many that have everything.

I want to make you aware of the existence of these children in other part of the planet. They represent a wider problematic in the current world where more than 60 million people have
been forcibly displaced from their homes.