The people one spends time with, have the power to shape one's life as one shapes theirs. 

A person’s profile is either consciously or unconsciously constructed by his/her past stories. At times, we do not realize that the people and the situations inside our own narratives are leading our journals to be written in a particular and unique form.

Most immigrants face their own tales through a lonely path at first.  The members of their crew become essential on their path to settle down in their new country. Reaching a certain level of success in an unknown land requires more than willingness. It needs the inevitable intervention of others. This intervention could be either negative or positive. The outcome depends on the reaction of the person living the experience. 

The group of individuals surrounding us constructs the soil we walk on. Both prosperity and adversity depend on our perception of external reality. Most people believe and live the stories built in their own environment. For example, when a new immigrant arrives, it's pivotal the type of acquaintances or friends he makes. If his new habitat tells stories of success, the probability of this new immigrant to live something similar increases; this also happens the other way around.

In brief, relationships are crucial on our way to reaching our goals. One is the summary of the people and circumstances one lives, however, one has still the choice. 

P.S This work portrays immigrants coming to Canada and having experienced certain success in their new land.