From one way to the other I’ve gone through the wind, I am a metamorphosed soul inside the rhythm of a changing body. There was a time I thought I knew who I was…I was written in paper…determined by others…but I was infinite and impossible to know. 

You met me, you met in the silence where nothing fills in.

My eyes have been open to bring to lightthe secret place of the void, gratifying glance of eternity.

This sense offreedom, flowing, wind and time passing by…it’s a feeling of life and death existing once more in a flowerand then in human being again.

I spread on time, on and on again I am different.

I searched deeper but I wasn’t there. Where am I? Who am I? Do I exist? Am I only energy floating along with the oneness. Am I an infinite small part of the wholeness. Am I important? Am I an universe? Every little detail about me is an universe.

I am something that doesn’t exist yet, I am a yearning for an idea, I am a discovery…I am a new in every moment.

Ephemeral mystical life, harrowed by great light and darkness.

This facade is not me, I am not what you think. I cannot be a singular idea,  I'm more than that; I’m so much more than you can imagine, and so are you. You are more than you realize.