Displaced by the violence project

Early this year I started to have the idea to make photos where I can include orphans, they have always made part of my life interests. I've even been thinking for many years that I'd like to adopt a girl. Things have happened that has stopped me to go ahead. There are not enough valid reasons to not do it now but only that I'm in a moment of big changes in my life. I keep very busy and I'm trying to take off as an artist. A girl would need all of my time and dedication. I am not sure if I'm being selfish about it.

 My heart goes to them, I do want to help them. So, by the month of May I asked my husband if he could prepare some days off work, towards the end of the year, so he can go with me to some unknown place to photograph orphans. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing but only the urge to do it. 

My idea is to donate all of my earnings to them. I still don't know exactly how to do it. I know this is a very delicate subject. I want to give in a wise and effective way. Anyways, I trust people and it has worked for me. It doesn't mean I won't be careful about it. I'm finding my way and I need to have experiences, So everything's alright.

During the whole summer, I kept thinking about the realization of this project, I have to say that I passed through high amounts of frustration since I didn't know how  to create those photographs. However, the seed was planted and I didn't stopped thinking until I had the idea. It came at the end of the summer, just before getting back to school (which by the way, I'm grateful about so much!). I wanted to create something different to what I've done, something new to me. So, I started to think about working on canvas. A the moment, I saw on FB someone that I had met once about 1 year ago. She's an artist and I noticed her work on canvas so I called her and asked her if she could give me classes about it. I learned some important tips about the subject and the ideas kept on coming. So, canvas, painting, photography and some more techniques, including very symbolic actions will be included. 

Now, I have the exact idea of what I want. My new work will be a mixed media art. Isn't it exciting? For me, it is!! The unknown, the new, the change have always thrilled me...!!! 

The other part that was tough was to find the kids. At first, I was so "shy" to ask! Someone told me that it wasn't possible! That to have permission to take photos of kids was simply not doable. It stopped me for a while...(That's why I say to people, only believe to those that say that you can do it and do not pay big attention to those that say you can't). Then, I started to ask different people, everybody knew a place that could help with it, at the end I found several places and I've started the process with kids displaced by the violence, many of them are orphans. I will speak about the topic another time.

Therefore, I'm happy now that I have a project, I have children to photograph, I have the probability to help them (if the work is sold). This is a process and I love the process! It's better than arriving to the goal.