past alive.jpg

Today it's a wonderful day!! I'm getting ready for my second photograph exhibition and it's exciting! I've been learning about accepting myself just as I am. I've seen that as I do so I also accept others easier, just as they are! Even if they are so different to me. I've seen that working with myself has an impact on how I see people and each time,  it's so much better!  I say so because I am always struggling with the feeling of I am different and with the idea of they might not like who I am.

At the same time, I see everybody loves me and accepts me! I see it's all in my head and as I work it out I release all that tension and I realize that it's me who is not accepting the fact of being different!

 I think human beings are always in a search to fit in, to be like the others, in a group! In my mind, I like the idea to be different but in my instincts I'm drawn to be similar to others in order to be accepted.  

Now, at this moment, I accept myself and my work, I validate my ideas and also my mistakes! So tomorrow when people observe my work, I'll be there in total  freedom of "this is who I am" and whether you like my images or not ,everything is ok. Much love!