Now I see

All of my works speak about my life story and the people that surrounds me. There's a work  called "Now I see" that is not shown in my portfolio website but that is very important to me. It was born from the most important episode of my life. One that came after some months of "a kind of hard depression". I came out of it suddenly, with no specific reason, one day in the library at the University of Montreal. After it, I could see the world with different eyes, I saw everything with beauty lenses that show me how gorgeous nature was. So, when I was faced at school with the idea of making landscape photographs, I didn't doubt it twice, I wanted to take pictures of naked winter trees alone in the field with someone staring at them as I do.

Along with the photographs I wrote this:

Now I see

There was a time I could not see, I was flying blind in the hands of nothingness. I thought I was going to die and now I know it but who cares a dime?  I tried to look for a place where to land but everything was too blurry for me to understand. Were my eyes born that way? Was it me who refused to see the display? 

One day during my life parade, I walked away from what I thought it was ok. I stumbled and lost my balance, my knees were injured and I had no strength to stand up again. I asked help and many came but in their blindness they could not see. Some would mock me, some would cry along with me while I was screaming in the midst of darkness, is it you the one who will do it for me?

Lost in my empty space without a place where to scape, the path was narrowed and my option, only this one: to open my eyes and see what the darkness mean. It lets me see the light as it exalts it day and night, there was a time I could not see, now my eyes notice beauty everywhere they wish to be, beauty in a dead tree, beauty in the sky, beauty in the mystery of life.