AfterWar solo show

Last June 9th I had the opening of the solo show "AfterWar". I was impressed on how people was touched with the photographs and the video. I confirmed the power of an image for us, as humans. A photograph is this moment in time that becomes infinite. Life is made of tiny moments that we appreciate as a whole, integrated one into the other. But, when we capture only one! What is it saying to us? That special instant, does it really mean what we think? Does it have to be linked to the next moment? Or can it stand by itself?

As the heart of the children of the AfterWar was beating, they were, second by second,  living many emotions. At the same time, they were giving me these little instants of "glory" where their expressions were so rich that we can read them as a book. But wait, our reading depends on our own story, this reading is subjective to our background and it's understood through the feelings that the images awake in us.

During the show, I asked people what they thought about the photographs. Right away, they all seem inspired and the end result was amazing to me. Thank you so much for your support!